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Moving again...:)!!! New URL for my blog!

Dearest blog friends and readers... I'm moving this blog to a new URL-address...
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Filakia polla!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New year, new style, new life, new blog!

Welcome for a visit in my new blog: A Swede in Greece

This blog, Greek Salad - a blog from Greece, will still be here and now and then I'll write posts here as well!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fantastic beaches, waters and views in Kineta!

Read in Swedish: Kineta - en verkligt fin badort i Saroniska viken

Kineta is such a beautiful little resort situated by the coast of the Saronic gulf, 50 km from Athens and 25 km from Corinthos.

We stopped at this small family hotel, Cokkinis, and had a nice break. Nice coffee and also very good food!

Cokkinis hotel might have the best balcony views over the Saronic gulf...  Such a romantic place! If you are not looking for a luxury accomodation I would certainly recommend this hotel!

More or less tame wild tortoises were walking around between the tables!

Have a lovely weekend!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jerusalem thorn - tree with beautiful yellow orange flowers

Read in Swedish: Jerusalemtörne

Jerusalem thorn, Parkisonia aculeata in Latin, is a big bush or small tree which you can see now and then here in Greece as well.  It's common in Mexico, Africa and in Australia where it unfortunately has become a problem.

The fruit pulp is sweet and eatable I read at World Agroforestry Centre, but the tiny leaves are toxic.

The tree trunk is green and the lovely flowers yellow and orange. Small and spiky leaves!

This tree has many names; Mexican Palo Verde, Jelly Bean tree, Barbados Flower fence (a great fast growing, beautiful and spiky fence!), Wonder tree, Blue Palo Verde, Hardbean, Horsebean, Parkinsonia, Palo Verde, Ratama in Spain, Takataka tree...

Have a nice day!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Half Greek Marina and the Diamonds

Did you know that Marina known as "Marina and the diamonds" is half Greek? Her father is Greek(living here in Athens I think) and her mother is from Wales, UK. She grew up in Wales, but has also lived in Athens for a couple of years.

This picture of Marina and the Diamonds has to be taken in Greece...! My childrens Greek grandparents also had this bedcover! :)

Marina do speek Greek as well (Marina and the Diamonds speaking Greek) in case you wonder!

Her real name is Greek: Μαρίνα Λαμπρινή Διαμάντη - Marina Lambrini Diamandi/s and it was of course the inspiration of her stage name.

This world famous very talented singer and song writer has just finished the tour, "Lonely Hearts Club Tour", in America. It was planned to be in Europe as well, including here in Athens the 27th of April, but unfortunately the touring in Europe was completely cancelled.

Marina and the Diamonds has a wonderful and very special voice! This is the song "State of dreaming" from the album "Electra Heart":

"Primadonna" with more than 25 million views:

"Sex Yeah":

I just love her voice! What's your opinion?!

Official webpage and blog: Marina and the Diamonds
Twitter: @MarinasDiamonds
Facebook: Marina and the Diamonds
This last pic from All other pictures from Marinas official webpage.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bands and program of Matala Beach Festival 2013

Read in Swedish: Hippiefestival i Matala, Kreta 2013

The organizors of the Matala Beach Festival haven't announced any exact program with all the performers and happenings at the time of writing, but at least there are some dates available for a few of the live music performers:
Unfortunately I don't know who has made this lovely hippie picture. If it's yours, tell me and I'll put a link to you (or remove it if you prefer so).

Doors - "Roadhouse Blues" Live in N.Y 1970:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hippie festival in Matala, Crete 2013

Read in Swedish: Hippiefestival i Matala, Kreta 2013

Peace and FlowerPower...

The hippie festival of Matala on the south coast of Crete is coming up!

The third hippie festival on Crete, "Matala Beach Festival 2013", will take place 21st-24th of June and as usual there will be a lot of fun happenings in the wonderful village these days! Lots of music from the '60s and '70s, beachparties (non-stop?!), hippie bazaars, exhibitions, children's fun park and more!

"Today is Life, Tomorrow never comes"...!

The very first thing you can join is the street painting of the small street/s in Matala. The decoration of the road/s will take place on Sunday the 16th of June.

Adults and children, professionals and amateurs, Graffiti artists, friends of colours... Everybody who like to take part in the Matala Street Painting is welcome!

Colours are provided by the festival, you just need to bring brushes and your fantasy.

The Matala Beach Festival is a free festival - no entrance or parking fees! It includes more than 40 live concerts, lots of events and activities as well as 4 unforgettable sunsets...!

Bands and program of the hippie festival:
Bands & program of the Matala Beach Festival 2013

This pic from Municipality of Festos

Matala has become famous after the hippies occupied the caves from the New Stone age. There are many fantastic caves there, but there are also many other beautiful sculptures and creations in these limestone cliffs:

I found this picture at the blog Exploring Crete and there are many more pictures of sculptures made in the cliffs of Matala.

Don't miss the Matala Beach Festival if you're nearby!

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